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Festivals, Seminars, Workshops

HK-Burgundy Cultural Exchange Lectures


Presented by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and Festival International de Video Danse de Bourgogne, and sponsored by the Regional Government of Burgundy, Marisa C. Hayes & Franck Boulegue, Co-directeurs, Festival International de Video Danse de Bourgogne, gave two public lectures at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in Oct 2011. The public lectures were activities under the umbrella event of "Week of Burgundy", a collaborative partnership between the region of Burgundy and Hong Kong.


The lecture subjects were "Screendance" and "100 years of Le Sacre du Printemps". The former focused on the latest development of dance videos around the globe, while the latter examined the timeless themes and motifs of Le Sacre du Printemps, from its earliest history to present-day productions, in styles of dance as varied as ballet, hip-hop or butoh.

Festivals, Seminars, Workshops - Close The Loop

Art Administration Talk for Dance Practitioners


A high-quality dance production is the combined effort of artistry and execution excellence. In a modern society where the ability to effectively multi-task is emphasized, it is important for dancers to also learn about arts management and administration. In view of this trend, Hong Kong Dance Alliance and Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association co-presented an art administration talk on 13 Oct 2011 and invited two veteran dance administrators, Ms Helen Ng and Ms Clementine Chan, Managing Director of City Contemporary Dance Company, to introduce to the participants the various aspects of dance / arts administration. Talk contents included:


  • Arts Administrators: who they are, and the skills required
  • Administrators as curators: how to bring out the best from the artists and from the programme
  • Be Organized: Project management
  • About $ : Budgeting and Financial Management
  • About People: Managing the team and other HR/ contractual issue
  • Post-performance issues - looking for further opportunities to perform re-run programme locally or abroad
Festivals, Seminars, Workshops - Dance Enhance

Dance Enhance 2011

2011.10.1 - 12.31

Dance Enhance 2011 ran between October to December 2011. In its 3rd season, this round was an intermediary level course specially designed for emerging dance critics who have previous experience in dance criticism writing. On enrollment, each should submit an article to demonstrate their skill level and writing style. Lecture and mentorship were given by established critics and artists including Dr. LO Wai Luk, Natalia CHAN, Stella LAU, Dick WONG, CHOW Fan Fu, Kuh Fei, Daniel YEUNG.


Two new fringe activities were added in 2011 to introduce to the participants a more holistic approach to dance appreciation: In "Conversation with Choreographer," Jacky YU gave participants insights of how a creation was perceived and planned. In "Set as a Symbol," stage set designer YUEN Hon Wai explained the functional and aesthetic values of stage set in dance productions.


Participants should prepare an article (not less than 1,000 words in Chinese or English) after viewing each performance. Articles were sent to senior dance critics or mentors for further reference and comments. Outstanding articles were published in dance journal/hk and the Hong Kong Dance Alliance website.

Festivals, Seminars, Workshops

Legend Lin Body Training Workshop for Professionals (2011)

The much acclaimed and respected Legend Lin Dance Theatre from Taiwan has only created 3 productions in the 16 years since it was established. Such dedication and patience has won its recognition all over Europe and LIN Li-chen, Artistic Director, has been nominated as one of the 8 most influential contemporary choreographers by ARTE, Europe's leading art TV channel. The aesthetics of Legend Lin is inseparable from its body training system, which emphasizes power generated from concentration, serenity, flexibility. Focused spine training aims to make the dancers' spine as flexible as a whip. The more relaxed the spine is, the more powerful the energy transmitted.
LCSD commissioned Hong Kong Dance Alliance to conduct a workshop targeting professional dancers in August 2011 when Legend Lin Dance Theatre visited Hong Kong for activities related to Asian Cultural Festival 2011. Professionals will not only have the opportunity to experience this exclusive training system themselves, but also understand LIN Li-chen's aesthetics through a conversation session led by Aaron Wan.
Dance Productions - School Tour and Outreach

2011 International Arts Carnival

2011.5.20 - 8.14

LCSD commissioned Hong Kong Dance Alliance to produce the school and outreach tour for International Arts Carnival 2011. Hong Kong Dance Alliance saw this as an appropriate opportunity to conduct audience development at a deeper level, to the audiences at an age when they begin to see the possibility of differentiating art from entertainment.


The Project required us to produce 30 performances at schools and 20 at outreach venues. The theme of the performance is to challenge how our increasingly passivity when perceiving images and videos broadcasted on the Internet. Titled "Seeing" is Believing, the performance is designed for students between the age of 10-14. During school touring, there is also a 20-minute interaction with the audiences, with the purpose of inspiring them to view dance beyond movements and try to see understand the meaning that is being communicated. The theme is deliberately designed to be more serious and provoke doubts as we are against the assumption that teenagers will not be able to understand serious subject matters. It is the role of adults to find ways to make these subjects comprehensible to the teenagers instead of simply avoiding the discussion.


The tour ran from 20 May 2011 through to 14 August 2011.


The Creative Team:

Producer : Anna C Y CHAN
Choreographers : Justyne LI and Tan Ki WONG@ Neo Dance
Concept/ Text : Joanna LEE
Education Collaborator : Cindy CHAN
Audio Designer : Tan Ki WONG 

International Events

T&C Dance Festival, Korea (2011)

2011.4.26 - 29

T&C Dance Festival is organized by World Dance Alliance-Korea (WDA Korea) in affiliation with Pusan National University and supported by Arts Council Korea. This event took place from April 26 to 29, 2011 in Seoul and Pusan. WDA Korea reached out to Hong Kong Dance Alliance to make recommendation for 2 artists to represent HK during the Festival. After careful selection, LI Yongjing and CAI Ying were selected as HK-representing artists. Together they created a new, 12-min piece of modern dance work incorporating traditional Chinese dance elements. They gave 1 evening performance each at Pusan and Seoul. At Pusan, they gave 1 workshop to the dance students of Pusan National University.

Dance Productions - Cultural Exchange

HK / Australia Cultural Exchange: Perfect Pairs and Odd Couples (2011)

2011.1.7 - 9

Hong Kong Dance Alliance presented Perfect Pairs and Odd Couples with the aim of promoting artistic exchange between Hong Kong and Australian artists. Three performances ran at the Fringe Theatre, Hong Kong, between 7-9 January 2011.


The program opened with Sprung created by two of Australia's most recognized dance artists, Sue PEACOCK and Stefan KARLSSON. Combining theatre elements including music, visuals, text, and movement, the duet invited audiences to share the dancers' reminiscences of the highlights and low spots of their artistic life journeys. Melbourne-based artists Jo LLOYD and Deanne BUTTERWORTH's work Project Blah Blah gave an improvisational impression full of rapid and frequent changes of level and tempo that created a sense of unexpectedness and belied its careful construction. Hong Kong artists LI Yongjing and LAM Po closed the program with a new work, The Moment I Saw It. The work used large sheets of tracing paper to create crisp sound effects when crushed and to change the space into a nicely contrasting combination of black and white - the colors of Asian eyes.


Perfect Pairs and Odd Couples recorded a successful box office of two full houses out of three showings. Participating artists also gave workshops to professional dance practitioners and amateurs to strengthen the community engagement of the project.

Festivals, Seminars, Workshops - Dance Enhance

Dance Enhance 2010

2010.11.1 - 2011.4.30

Into its 2nd year, Dance Enhance 2010 spanned a longer timeframe of 6 months from Nov 2010 to Apr 2011. The second dance criticism workshop continued to be a co-presentation with International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong).


The class size for 2010 was the same as 2009: 30 participants. Compared to 2009, 2010 attracted a larger share of full-payment enrollment. It was encouraging to see more working people willing to devote their free time to writing dance critique articles and this exactly matched the objective of running Dance Enhance.


Dance Enhance 2010 consisted of 3 sessions for altogether 9 classes, including lectures, discussions and performances. Speakers included Dr. PK CHEUNG, Dr. LO Wai Luk, Yuri NG, Stella LAU, CHOW Fan Fu, Anna C Y CHAN, Kuh Fei, Dick WONG. Participants should prepare an article (not less than 1,000 words in Chinese or English) after viewing each performance. Articles were sent to senior dance critics or mentors for further reference and comments. Selected outstanding articles were published in dance journal/hk and the Hong Kong Dance Alliance website.

Dance Productions - Platform for Emerging Choreographers

New "REAL" Showcase Series (from 2010)

2010.1.1 - 2011.9.11

Co-presented by CCDC Dance Center and Hong Kong Dance Alliance, new "REAL" Showcase Series aims to nurture and assist local dance groups and individuals by presenting innovative dance shows at CCDC Dance Center Jockey Club Dance Theater. There are up to 4 productions in a year and the works are selected through an open call-for-proposal process. Only Hong Kong-based choreographers who have never presented full-length works in public performances can apply. Successful applicants receive rehearsal venue sponsorship, professional production technical support, and cash allowance. The presenters will also provide rehearsal venue, publicity and administrative support. As co-presenter, Hong Kong Dance Alliance provides the choreographers with opportunities to receive artistic consultation from established local choreographers and arrange for dance critiques to be written and published in dance journal/hk.


In return, the artist should produce an original full-length dance piece of not less than 45 minutes, and be staged in the CCCD Jockey Club Dance Theater for at least two performances. Up to 2011, 6 choreographers have been presented in the Series:


  1. "Behind" by Wayson POON, performed in Jan 2010
  2. "Jenny" by Jody NIP, performed on 4-5Sep, 2010
  3. "Path Fate" by Joseph NGAN, performed on 8-9 Jan, 2011
  4. "Museum of Ladies" by Rebecca WONG, Juliana LO and Georgina LAW, performed on 2-3 Apr, 2011
  5. "Patch Work" by Alan WONG, performed on 2-3 Jul, 2011
  6. "Mo30" by Kaki LEE, performed on 10-11 Sep, 2011